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"Anyone can find their perfect fin" - Laura Enever
"I know it helps me surf my best" - Gabriel Medina
"If a board feels uncomfortable… I'm definitely going to change the fins to try and make that board good" - Adriano DeZouza
"I've always felt like I've had an advantage" - Damien Hobgood
"No matter what board I'm riding or what waves I'm surfing there's going to be a fin that works" - Wilko
"I know I wouldn't have won nearly as many contests if I couldn't have tuned my equipment by changing my fins" - Kelly Slater
"I strictly use Genuine FCS for performance, it's just far and above the best product thats out there" - CJ Hobgood
"I was thinking that the fixed fins would probably be the ones, it ended up being that FCS just felt so much better" - Mick Fanning
"There is a lot of heavy situations surfing big waves, and if your equipment fails, you can get killed." - Ryan Hipwood
"I think FCS are just getting better and better... you might as well stick to the best" - Mitch Crews
"I have been riding FCS since I remember surfing... thats a long time" - Jeremy Flores
"it makes so much sense having that kind of fin range to experiment with and make the board work for you" - Dion Agius
"FCS is the best fin system that you can use, it’s the most reliable, it’s the easiest and they make the best fins" - Julian Wilson
"When I’m competing I have to be confident in my equipment and know that it’s not going to let me down" - Sally Fitzgibbon
"...the best thing for me, finding the right fin for whatever board it is, whether it’s a shortboard, longboard or whatever." - Harley Ingleby
"FCS has done the most testing, has the best fins, and I trust the system completely… that’s why I use it" - Kelly Slater